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Week 26 UK football pools draws on coupon by www.ukfootballplus.com

Happy New Year!

A big welcome to the much waited and anticipated New Calender Year (2017). UK Football Plus specially wish all of our esteemed viewers a prosperous and fruitful new year...

The end of the year release which happens to be our last release for the just concluded year was actually nothing good to record home about as 24ff 27ff 46XX played just 1 draw, to be honest our system didn't fail rather my calculated matrix overturned 14XX prompting the failure of 24 and 26XX promoting the failure of 27 and our pairs which was published openly failed woefully/totally to play 1 draw.

That wasn't the best way to end the just concluded year but we say a big thanks to the almighty God who has programmed it to be so. I hereby reassure all registered members and subscribers that the best is yet to come this new year.

There is no better way to start up the new year on a blue coupon with my every BLUE COUPON PAIRS that has refused to fail me sine the inception of this current season. The pairs have played for WK-06-WK10-WK-14-WK-18-WK22 Now turn of WK-26.

It's going to business unusual as this weeks every blue  pairs will be played rotationally with a banker draw, thus, producing a two banker draws upon rotation and three sure dead games (I mean a 1/2 double chance). Totalling a sum of five games with high efficiency and accuracy as summarised below;

1) UFP - Every Blue Pairs (to be played rotationally)
2) A banker Draw (FT - XBK)
3) 3 Fixed double chance (i.e. 3 confirmed cannot draws)

All to sum of a total ODDS of (20+)


Banker Draw
Pairs 1
Pair 2
3 cannot Not Draws (CND)
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More also all registered members and subscribers will also get my "New Year Gift" of 3 direct F.A CUP draws to be permed with my every BLUE PAIRS that has refused to fail since the inception of the season which can be played online on a rotational basis for a fixed 4 draws (100+ ODDS), and permed for a compulsory winning line with your local football promoter.

Be first to get connected to this whole sum package for the new year at a cost of #10,000 NGN only and be sure of your maximum potential winnings this week!

Sure cost @ #10,00 NGN

I verily reassure you this week that our release will play as programmed and accuracy/fortune is highly assured!

Get the transaction/payment details and many more information prior to UK Football Plus from Mr. Chimezie viz call/text to our mobile numbers as stated below;

• +234(0) 815 119 6619

• +234(0) 813 939 4313

• You can also reach us our E-mail address "ukfootballplus @gmail.com" and be sure to get our feedback within 12 working hours upon contacting us.

One more we say a happy new year to you,
Welcome to 2017;
Remain Blessed!
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