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From the group stage to the quater-finals, the world cup tournament have in no doubt produced many surprises and shock results. As the semi-finals set in UKFOOTBALLPLUS look forward to a blissful prediction.

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07:00 France vs Belgium   ——   10/07/2018
TIP: Yes! Welcome back! This fixtures turns out to be one of the most cunning fixtures, I'll tell you why. The win recorded by Belgium against Brazil is still a fresh in so many tipsters memory and will make so many take a decision which basically I know will go either way.
Let me start form Belgium, the truth is that this team has been tipped to win the world cup from the onset and the results have proved right so far, but against Brazil that became a doubt? Here they are with a potential of steeping into the finals.
France on the other hand, has been stable but not dynamic with their style of play so far, which has made things difficult for their opponent to understand their game plan. With only one draw and all wins will this luck and hardwork prove doubters wrong against Belgium? UKFOOTBALLPLUS backs this answer with a capital YES!!

07:00 Croatia vs England   ——   11/07/2018
TIP: If you watch England team tactics since the beginning of the world cup you will agree with me that this team has just played a tip-tap simple pass pattern football style of play. Nothing interesting, nothing to look forward to apart from their set peice ability. I'm not a hater of this team, but the magnitude of its opponent is far much better. This is not Sweden you remember.
Croatia defeated the host Russia in a well deserved win in the quater-finals, with an entertaining, tactical, high pressing and mind blowing (suspense filled) encounter. I tip this team led by Modric to be confirmed finalist come Wednesday this week! UKFOOTBALLPLUS say stake large on Croatia.

Check back later for the finals predictions and forecast!
Good luck lads!!

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